6 Reasons to Eat Less Meat

Most people seem to think that reducing meat consumption is just about preventing animal suffering, and a lot of people simply can’t (or won’t) empathize with an animal raised in a crowded cage with feces on the floor. But there are many reasons why we would be better off eating less meat:

1. The way we raise the animals — routinely giving them antibiotics — breeds antibiotic-resistant bacteria, leaving us increasingly unable to treat infections.

2. The way we raise the animals — in crowded conditions, often with multiple species in proximity — encourages zoonotic transmission, causing human pandemics.

3. The way we raise the animals — in crowded conditions, so that new hosts to infect are always close at hand — breeds hyper-virulent pathogens (pathogens that do not try to minimize harm to their hosts).

4. Raising animals for food is much harder on the environment, in a number of ways.

5. Our health is much the poorer for all the animal flesh we eat (obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and much more).

6. The animals we raise in factory farms have horrific lives, worse than the worst concentration camp.

When I look at this list, I’m sold at #1. Even if none of the rest were true, I would say “Hey, how about we all eat less meat!” Same with #2. These are HUGE problems!

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